Above Step Recruitment for Community Nutritionist II

Press Release No.: 2019-054

Above Step Recruitment for Community Nutritionist II

In accordance with HRD No. OG-14-0207, Section III.B.2 – Government of Guam Competitive Wage Act of 2014 – Department of Administration Policies and Procedures, the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) is requesting to recruit Ms. Victoria SN Perez, RD, LDN as a Community Nutritionist II (Position No. #6625) at Pay Grade N, Step 10. The DPHSS is pursuing the processing of this GG-1 to recruit Ms. Perez in accordance with the “Fast Track Process” for hiring health professionals provided in 4 GCA 6229.14. The above step request is based on her education and professional experience and qualifications. Ms. Perez has over a decade of experience as a Registered Dietitian.

The DPHSS has been having a difficult time filling the Community Nutritionist II position due to the huge disparity between the Guam Unified Pay Scale and the salary offered in the private sector. The position has been vacant since September 2003 despite the continuous announcement of the position at the Department of Administration (DOA151-14 on 8/29/14 and DOA29-17 on 10/27/16).



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