Biba Mañaina-ta Drive

For Immediate Release

April 21, 2015;10:15am

DPHSS Release No. 2015-031


Biba Manaina-ta Drive

Since the enactment of Public Law 17-35 on November 29, 1983, the month of May has been proclaimed “Senior Citizens Month” with the Department of Public Health and Social Services’ Division of Senior Citizens leading the effort in this month-long celebration in coordination and cooperation with other organizations, both public and private, to include non-profits.  It is a time to celebrate the life of our island’s senior citizens.  It is a time to recognize their achievements, challenges, and all that they do for their families, friends, and our community.

This year we continue the tradition of giving back to our senior citizens, through the Biba Mañaina-ta Drive.  This event begins April 27, 2015 through May 29, 2015 and will benefit the three (3) Adult Day Care Centers (ADC) and the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP). 

The ADC Centers provide supervision and care for seniors who are frail or physically or mentally impaired.  The NFCSP provides caregivers with respite services, counseling, support group, caregiver training, access assistance and supplemental services.

Through the Biba Mañaina-ta Drive, the community is invited to help these programs through their generous donations of sundry items, toiletries (i.e., shampoo, baby wipes, unscented lotion, adult diapers, and latex gloves) and cleaning supplies (i.e., bleach for laundry or cleaning; laundry detergent; liquid disinfectant, and trash bags), as well as bed liners, linens and blankets for single size beds.

For information on how you can help with the Biba Mañaina-ta Drive, please call Co-Coordinators Albert Silos or Charlene San Nicolas at 735-7415 or 7421; any of the ADC Program Managers:  Julie Perez (ADC Dementia Center) at 653-4004, Maria Timoteo (ADC Barrigada) at 635-1451 or Joseph Acfalle (ADC South- Inarajan) at 828-0003; or Kavita Hemlani Ré (Health Services of the Pacific, NFCSP) at 735-3277, ext. 208.

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