For Immediate Release

April 29, 2016; 8:25am

DPHSS Release No. 2016-032

Certificate of Manager’s Certification Requirement for all Retail Food Facilities

The Division of Environmental Health (DEH) of this Department would like to inform the public that pursuant to the newly revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of Health Certificates (adopted in May 2015), the following requirements will be implemented effective June 1, 2016:  

  • All retail food facilities, regardless of the number of employees, including Temporary Food Service Establishments, must have a manager/supervisor on duty who possesses a Certificate of Manager’s Certification.  Retail food facilities are establishments that serve food/beverage directly to consumers, such as restaurants, stall stands, bars, caterers, retail stores, bakeries, and delicatessens, and does not include food manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.
  • Certificate of Manager’s Certification course is locally provided by the Guam Community College, and the certificate is now valid for a period of five years.
  • The Department also recognizes the following third-party food safety credentials in addition to the Certificate of Manager’s Certification issued by the Guam Community College:

Organization                                                                                      Certification

360 Training                                                                                    Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Program

American Food Safety School                                                        SafeMark Food Safety Training and Certification

Guam Community College (GCC)                                                  Manager’s Certification

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP)              International Certified Food Safety Manager (ICFSM)

NRFSP                                                                                             Food Safety Managers Certification Exam (FSMCE)

National Restaurant Association                                                      ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Program

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)                     Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS)

NEHA                                                                                               Certified Professional – Food Safety (CPFS)

Prometric Inc.                                                                                   Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM)


Individuals needing to obtain the Certificate of Manager’s Certification is encouraged to call the Guam Community College’s Tourism & Hospitality Department, Professional Services at 735-5629.  For further information about this new requirement, please contact Katherine Del Mundo of DEH at 735-7221.

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