Management Support Services

The Management Support Services (MSS) provides administrative for day-to-day operations. MSS is the central document processing center for all DPHSS facilities to include screening, sorting and routing of all official correspondences to the Director’s Office for acknowledgment and distribution to appropriate divisions. MSS also is responsible for the coordination and dissemination of all correspondences or communications external to the entire department. MSS further assists the DO in press releases and official media campaigns and all payroll-related matters within the department. This office is also responsible for the management, coordination and implementation of the Federal Emergency Management Assistance, Public Assistance and 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) following a disaster and serves as the coordination office for all training related matters to include assisting employees in maintaining and improving their job skills by recommending appropriate training. MSS also oversees various capital improvement projects related to the department.

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