Administration Services Section

The ASU supports the programs and facility of the agency. The ASU provides services for program staff, foster care providers and the community at large. There are no eligibility criteria as services are available to all. The ASU provides the following services:

1. Fiscal operation

  • Process court ordered matters relative to travel, publications and payments to clients and vendors.
  • Process foster care maintenance payments to licensed foster families, relative foster homes, one therapeutic foster family and group homes.
  • Maintain the petty cash account that is used for disbursement of cash to fund the emergency needs of children upon removal from their home and who must come into the agency’s protective custody.
  • Process mileage reimbursement claims for workers who must use their private vehicles for official purposes, in the absence of government vehicles.
  • Procure materials, equipment, travel authorizations, and contractual services utilizing local and federal accounts as outlined in the budget summary.
  • Assist in the preparation of the local and federal budgets.
  • Maintain and process the open purchase orders to vendors for emergency purchases.
  • 2. Records management

  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained for all client case files.
  • Maintain adherence to records management procedures outlined by the Guam General Services Agency.
  • Develop policies and procedures for client case files.
  • Maintain administrative files. Ensure completeness of all administrative files in order to sustain tracking and accountability.
  • 3. Personnel management

  • Prepare personnel plans for all staff and ensure that annual work plans and performance evaluation reports are completed by staff and immediate supervisors.
  • Establish the overtime plan for the bureau.
  • Conduct bi-weekly payroll services.
  • Prepare and submit justifications and other documents for recruitment of staff.
  • 4. Coordinate staff training and development and conduct training needs analysis.

    5. Maintain office and property management

  • Prepare the annual lease agreement for the office building and assure the upkeep of the building so that the office environment is conducive for work and is pleasant for clients who seek services.
  • Conduct weekly maintenance of vehicles that are needed for transporting minors in need of counseling services, foster care placements, visitations with parents, and for use in providing Homemaker services, and in-home intensive family preservation services for children and their families.
  • 6. Procure necessary materials, equipment, public vehicles and other support services

  • Procure necessary two-way radios and digital pagers for use by workers who must remain on-call to respond to crisis after normal working hours, weekends and holidays.
  • 7. Inventory control

  • Conduct periodic inventory of all government equipment.
  • 8. Mail operations

    9. Secretarial services

  • Provide typing and formatting of court reports necessary for cases of Juvenile Special Proceedings.
  • Ensure that essential documents are routed timely.
  • 10.Receptionist duties

  • Link telephone referrals to the appropriate program Intake staff.
  • Guide clients who walk in for services to the respective program staff.
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