Child Protective Services Section

Intake Unit

The Intake Unit receives information on child maltreatment, screens reports, and makes assessments to determine if the criteria for CPS involvement are met. The child, family, and other relevant persons are interviewed to gather pertinent information. The unit consists of social workers who conduct risk assessments of the child and determines the immediacy of the response based on information received. All reports are registered into the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry. The social workers also assist in the Crisis Unit and are alternates for on-call for crisis response.

Crisis Intervention Unit

The Crisis Unit receives referrals requiring immediate intervention and response for the purpose of conducting risk and safety assessments that could lead to removal and placement of the minor(s). The social workers intervene to stabilize the crisis and exert protective custody if necessary. They also lead a multi-disciplinary team interview whenever all necessary parties are available. They collect and complete documents related to crisis cases, such as ex-parte worksheets, declarations, and notification of removal to parents. The unit responds to crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CPS supervisors and social workers alternate on-call duties after normal working hours, weekends, and holidays to respond to cases requiring crisis intervention. The unit provides support to the Intake and Investigation Unit during non-crisis periods. The social workers assist with Intake and may also be assigned cases to conduct court-ordered risk assessments.

Investigation Unit

The Investigation Unit conducts case investigations to determine if child abuse and neglect allegations are substantiated, indicated, unsubstantiated, or suspected. Added responsibilities entail the filing of Person In Need of Services (PINS) petitions; development of service plan agreements for validated cases; appearance at court hearings; participation in WRAP meetings, case reviews, and treatment team meetings.

Case Management Unit

The Case Management Unit receives those cases designated as needing continuing services. This unit is accountable for the implementation and monitoring of service plan agreements, as well as for any necessary changes or modifications identified during the duration of the plan. Progress reports are made every 3 months, and permanency plans are developed for children who are in substitute care for 6 months or longer. Other duties include the preparation of written reports intended for court recommendations and the coordination and participation in Case Review Treatment Team meetings with other agencies.

Documents and Forms:

  • Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics – FY2010 to FY2014
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics – FY2011 to FY2015
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics – FY2012 to FY2016
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