State Health Insurance Assistant Program (SHIP)

The Guam MAP staff and volunteers assist Medicare beneficiaries who need information, counseling, and enrollment assistance beyond what they are able to receive on their own through the other CMS information channels, including 1-800-MEDICARE, and Staff, partners and volunteers are trained to provide accurate and objective information to help beneficiaries understand and utilize their Medicare benefits through personalized counseling, education, and outreach to assist Medicare beneficiaries make informed health care decisions.

Guam SOA uses grant funding to pursue four (4) SHIP program objectives: One-on-One Counseling, Outreach, Quality Assurance, and Collaboration with CMS. Efforts to provide comprehensive have not gone unnoticed as the Program has been receiving Performance Awards since grant year 2006 through 2010 for attaining Performance Measure benchmarks and submitting program data within required deadlines.

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