Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

Tobacco Prevention and Control Program implements a coordinated and comprehensive approach in tobacco control by developing, enforcing and advocating for policies, counter-marketing strategies, cessation programs, surveillance and evaluation.


  • Tobacco Prevention and Control Program – Fact Sheet – Updated 20181206 (PDF file)
  • Tobacco Free Guam Quitline Quitcard Contact Information (PDF file)
  • Guam Public Law 30 – 63 – No Smoking within 20 feet Public Sign (PDF file)
  • World No Tobacco Day

    Hafa Adai Everyone!  May 31st is the day that the World Health Organization (WHO) and global partners celebrate *World No Tobacco Day 2019.*  This year’s theme is ‘Don’t Let Tobacco Take Your Breath Away’, which focuses on tobacco and lung health, particularly how the role of lungs play in our health and well-being. WHO and the Guam Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Tobacco Control Action Team (TCAT) ask you to share the message and the video link below and share your breath-taking moments on social media, telling why they take your breath away instead of tobacco. The video will tell you how to join the campaign. *THANK YOU*. WHO World No Tobacco Day 2019 YouTube video

    Achievements and Accolades

    WHO honors Guam with 2019 World No Tobacco Day Award

    For its noteworthy efforts on tobacco control, the Guam Non-Communicable Disease Consortium (NCD) Tobacco Control Action Team (TCAT) received a prestigious award from the World Health Organization (WHO).

    The Guam Non-Communicable Disease Consortium Tobacco Control Action has successfully advocated a range of legislation including: increasing the tax on cigarettes, raising the minimum age for purchasing to 21, classifying electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product, and prohibiting smoking in bars and in vehicles when minors and pregnant women are present.  These measures have led to marked reductions in smoking among adults and high school students over the past six years. The NCD Tobacco Control Action Team’s new goal is to further reduce smoking rates by 20% within four years.

    The Guam NCD TCAT was given the “World Health No Tobacco Day Award,” along with four other awardees in the Western Pacific region.

    Among the other awardees were the Iloilo City Government, Philippines; Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, China; Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China; and Niue Ministry of Social Services.

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