DPHSS Temporary Phone Lines

The Director of the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS), James W. Gillan, announces that Guam Telephone Authority is currently working on the DPHSS phone lines.  As a result, the work is affecting the Departments' ability to receive incoming calls.

During this period, DPHSS would like to inform the public that the phone numbers listed below is temporarily available to receive incoming calls and faxes:

Director's Office Fax Line: 473-5910

Division of General Administration: 473-7102 or 473-7159

Division of Senior Citizens: 473-7421, 473-7415 or FAX: 473-7416

Division of Environmental Health: 473-7221

Division of Public Welfare/Food Stamp and Welfare Office: 474-7245, 474-7274, or 474-7434

Division of Public Health/Chief Public Heath Office: 474-7305

Bureau of Social Services Administration: 474-2653, 474-2672, 474-2675, 474-2611 or 474-2690

Child Protective Services Referrals: 474-2675 or 474-2611

Northern Regional Community Health Center:

Guam WIC Program: 638-7471

Pharmacy: 634-4406

Medical Records/Appointment Line: 634-7461

Food Stamp Program: 634-7488

Southern Regional Community Health Center:

Medical Records: 474-7600

Nursing: 474-7516

Business Office: 474-7501

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  For more information, please call the Division of General Administration at 473-7102 or 473-7159.

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