Internet Code of Ethics

In January 1989, the Internet Activities Board issued RFC 1087, Ethics and the Internet[10], a policy statement concerning the proper uses of the resources of the Internet:

The internet is a national facility whose utility is largely a consequence of its wide availability and accessibility. Irresponsible use of this critical resource poses an enormous threat to its continued availability to the technical community.

The U.S. Government sponsors of this system have a fiduciary responsibility to the public to allocate government resources wisely and effectively. Justification for the support of this system suffers when highly disruptive abuses occur. Access to and use of the Internet is a privilege and should be treated as such by all users of this system.

The IAB strongly endorses the view of the Division Advisory Panel of the National Science Foundation Division of Network Communications Research and Infrastructure which, in paraphrase, characterized as unethical and unacceptable any activity which purposely:

Members of the Government of Guam and Educational internet community shall:

Any user found to be in violation of the aforementioned statements may be removed from the network, subjected to criminal prosecution, or have their subnet address numbers, ids or passwords be withdrawn from use.
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