Powered Air Purifying Respirators

Release No. 2015-064

Powered Air Purifying Respirators

The Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) presented to the Guam Fire Department three sets of “Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)”.  A PAPR is an equipment used by first responders to protect against high-risk aerosol events.  The DPHSS continues to build its preparedness capability with other emergency responders.

Funding provided for the PAPRs was made possible through the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program’s Ebola supplemental grant from the Centers for Disease Control.

Director Gillan expressed to the GFD personnel how they truly are the island’s first responders.

Chief San Nicolas stated "This is a perfect example of the partnership fostered within our government's agencies, under the Calvo/Tenorio administration, to ensure the health and safety of our island is of the highest priority."

This investment into the PAPRs shows our department’s dedication in strengthening our island’s preparedness posture.

For any questions, please contact Mr. Patrick Lujan, PHEP Manager at 735-7307.

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