Sanitary Permit Renewals (Updated)

May 28,2013; 2:50pm
DPHSS Release No. 2013-033A(Updated)

Sanitary Permit Renewals

The Department of Public Health and Social Services would like to update its May 14, 2013 press release announcing to all health-regulated facilities that the Division of Environmental Health (DEH) will be accepting renewal applications
for Sanitary Permit starting June 3, 2013.  

1.        The application for the renewal of Sanitary Permit can be obtained from DEH, located on the 2nd Floor, Central Public Health Facility in Mangilao.  The forms can also be downloaded from the Department’s website at
           (click on the tab for the “Division of Environmental Health” and scroll down until you find the “Application for Sanitary Permit.”)  The form can be filled out online using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader ( and printed before being brought to DEH for processing.

2.        Completed renewal applications that will be paid by check may be dropped off at the DEH office from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  The applicant will be notified by phone when the permit is available for pick-up.  A copy of the 2014 Business License must be attached to the renewal application.

3.        Applicants wishing to pay by cash or credit card will be required to make the payment to the cashier on the 1st Floor of the Central Public Health building and wait for the issuance of the Sanitary Permit.  This is to be done after submitting the renewal application and the copy of the 2014 Business License to DEH.

Furthermore, operators of vending machines permitted with DEH will be issued a designated sticker, along with the Sanitary Permit, for their machines.  These identifying stickers must be placed on the vending machines.

Should you require any additional information, you may reach the DEH office at (671)735-7221/7205.


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