Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Program Participants

For Immediate Release

December 18, 2015; 4:15pm

DPHSS Release No. 2015-096

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Program Participants

The Director of the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) would like to remind  SNAP recipients of the requirement of a Periodic Change Report. 

Households are certified for twelve (12) months, but are required to submit a Periodic Change Report at the 6th month of the certification with or without changes in income or household circumstances.  Failure to submit the Periodic Change Report will result in the termination of the SNAP case. This requirement will be strictly implemented effective January 1, 2016.

Example: Your case is certified from August 2015 to July 2016.  A Periodic Change Report form will be mailed out to you on December 2015 and you must complete and return the report by January 10, 2016.  Failure to submit your Periodic Change Report by January 10, 2016 will result in the termination of your case in February 2016.

Additionally, you are required to report when your income exceeds the 130% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for your household size below.  The change report must be submitted by the 10th of the month, following the month in which the change occurred.

Example:  Your household size is two and, in August, your household income increased.  If your income exceeded $1,726 (see table below), you must report this change by September 10. 


  1.             $1,276

  2.             $1,726

  3.             $2,177

  4.             $2,628

  5.             $3,078

  6.             $3,529

  7.             $3,980

  8.             $4,430

  9.             $4,881

  10.             $5,332

  11.             $5,783

  12.             $6,234

  13.             $6,685

  14.             $7,136

  15.             $7,587


                Each additional member add $451

     When submitting your Periodic Change Report , please complete all information required, and provide the required supporting documents.  Of utmost importance is to submit two (2) check stubs if there is earned income and all the utility bills for the reporting month.

     Periodic Change Report may be mailed or dropped in the drop boxes at the Central, Southern and Northern Public Health Centers by the 10th day of the reporting month. Please ensure that all required supporting documents are included.

Again, please in mind that failure to submit the Period Change Report will result in termination of your case/benefits.

For more information on Periodic Change Report, please call the Bureau of Economic Security, at 735-7288 or 7257.

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